The "Composition & Storytelling" Details!

July 15, 2019

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Kim Winey Photography

The Plan

At our July 15th class, registration will take place between 4:00 PM and 4:30 PM.  Snacks and drinks will be waiting for you.  :)

We'll begin the class promptly at 4:30 PM with some basic composition elements and gradually move into more artistic concepts.  Weather permitting, we'll take a few breaks from our presentation to walk around the beautiful farm, in Dalton, looking for and photographing some of the elements.  We'll aim to wrap things up at 8:30 PM.  You will leave with very full brains.  

Throughout the summer we'll "meet" again in our private Facebook group.  There, I'll be posting short videos which review some of the main elements from our class.  I'll encourage you to take some practice photos showing the element that was discussed and upload up to 3 of your favorites to our group's page.  I'll leave comments on each image so you'll get direct feedback on your progress!

Continued community support is part of the plan, so even after the videos are complete, you are welcome to keep sharing your photos and encouraging one another!

The Frequently Asked Questions Section is so thorough it needs it's own page.  :)

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The Investment

Join us for our July 15th "Composition & Storytelling" class where we'll explore the elements that turn your images into "artages"!


The whole kit & kaboodle $400

*This class includes an in-person presentation, some fun practice time (chickens, horses and sheep, oh my!) , as well as, video tutorials and opportunities to share your photos for feedback, throughout the summer. 

For more information or to reserve your seat for our "Composition & Storytelling" layered learning experience... 

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